Goodbye Pharma, Hello Puori

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When we began the journey in 2009, we were inspired by the pharmaceutical approach to using ultra pure ingredients with scientifically proven impact. Since then our core belief has been founded in preventative living and a holistic approach to life.

What we found along the way is that pharma doesn’t always align with this. Most pharma is less preventative and more symptomatic. And with the changes we’ve seen in the pharmaceutical industry since our start, we realized it was no longer a fit for what we stood for.

So we decided to make a change to Puori. And with this new name, we aim to make a real difference by giving people better options and better choices. We want to shift the paradigm, moving from quick fixes and convenience to helping people understand their biological origins and strive to reach their genetic potential.

The Striver

We exist for the striver — someone who feels there is a gap between who they are today and who they could become tomorrow. When faced with physical hardship, social pressure and self-doubt, strivers still choose the purest way to reach their natural genetic potential.

You may be a striver — in your work, at your sport or juggling your family. Perseverance is a choice and you’ll either take on the challenge of becoming a better human or you won’t. We create all of our products with this person in mind — whether they’re focused on functional fitness or functional living, they’re working to make each day better than the last.

Puori: A Functional Approach

For years the medical space has worked backward — you wait until you have a problem, then you go see a doctor who attempts to diagnose you and gives you medicine to treat your symptoms. Puori takes a functional approach — what can you prevent, with pure ingredients, from happening in the first place?

Many fitness communities, including CrossFit, already use this approach. You’ve done a hard workout, which while great for the mind and physique, leaves your body in need of repair. So you make sure to drink a protein shake with plenty of carbs after a workout. Maybe you take minerals or fish oil to replace what you lost during your workout or keep inflammation at bay. By taking these steps, you help your body recover well so you’re less likely to end up injured or in pain.

We also want to bring this approach to your everyday life. Maybe you don’t eat enough vegetables or get enough sleep. You’ll never live a perfectly optimized life so we promote a holistic approach to helping you close the gaps in your routine — all with the goal of getting closer to your natural, genetic potential.

We Were Always Puori

We have tested and trialed this on ourselves and have discovered that understanding our genetic potential is the crucial first step toward making informed choices and living better lives. We’re in the relentless pursuit of knowledge so that we can live our best life and we want you to join us.

“Pure origin” is our foundation and our philosophy. It’s our ambition to create natural supplements that provide pure nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Our goal is to inspire people to strive toward their higher goal. We know it’s not easy to find pure, nutritional and natural ingredients in a world of hyper-processed foods but you can always trust Puori supplements to contain a simple ingredient list to help you cut through the clutter.

This means no artificial colors or fillers. Just pure, natural ingredients. For your health. For life.

We believe that scientific research is the key to developing nutritional and natural supplements for people who are passionate about their fitness and health. We think that getting a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals shouldn’t be a challenge but a means of empowerment. Our goal is to make it possible for anybody (and everybody) to realize their aspirations for a healthy and active life.

Mind the Nutrient Gap

Think about Puori supplements as the fuel our bodies needs to function at peak performance. They are formulated for those of us who strive to be our healthiest selves but may not be getting all the vitamins and minerals needed from our regular diet. The beauty of our supplements is just as much about what is in them as what isn’t — like unnecessary fillers, preservatives and more. Leaving out all the bad stuff means you only get the pure, natural nutrients you need.

So take a stand with us and strive toward your natural potential. Same great products with a new and improved Puori name.