Puori D3 - COCONUT 1000 IU

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Are You D-ficient?

Our immune system, muscles and bones need vitamin D to function normally. Yet deficiencies of vitamin D are common because many people don’t get enough exposure to sunlight or food containing vitamin D. The good news is that Puori D3 is formulated to compensate for this deficiency. It helps your body to absorb calcium and maintain normal bones.

Quality Sourced

The vitamin D in Puori D3 is derived from purified sheep’s lanolin and is the form of vitamin D3 that the sun stimulates in our body. The softgels also contain organic, virgin coconut oil to ensure solubility.

Puori D3 - sun or supplement  Sun or Supplement?

A main source of vitamin D is exposure to the sun. Today’s busy working life doesn’t allow for much time spent outside so supplementing is an easy way to get the vitamin D you need.

Puori D3 - Healthy Fat Health Fat

Your body needs fat to absorb vitamin D. We combined Puori D3 with organic, virgin coconut oil to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

Puori D3 - Dark CapsuleDark Capsules

Vitamin D is sensitive to light, which will degrade the vitamin. That’s why we use dark capsules and dark bottles to protect your D3 from exposure to light.



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