Puori D3 - The Sunshine Vitamin

What is Vitamin D3?

Puori Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that is only naturally present in a few foods. Vitamin D is also produced in the body when UVB rays from the sun strikes the skin and triggers vitamin D synthesis.

What is Vitamin D3 good for?

Vitamin D3’s primary role is promoting absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which is critical for bone growth and maintenance. Vitamin D3 also plays an important role in the function of muscles and the immune system.

How do I take Vitamin D3?

It is best to take your vitamin D with a meal.

How do I store Puori D3?

Store your Puori D3 in a cool, dark place as the capsules react to light and heat. Puori D3 comes in dark capsules and a dark bottle to protect vitamin D3 from exposure to light.

Does sunscreen affect Vitamin D3 absorption?

UVB radiation from sunlight produces Vitamin D in the skin, however, UVB radiation also causes melanoma, skin cancer and photoaging. Sunscreen effectively blocks the UVB rays and protects the skin. Therefore, it might still be necessary to take a vitamin D supplement to reach adequate levels.

Where is Puori D3 sourced from?

Puori D3 is gently extracted from a natural source — sheep’s wool. It is then purified and blended with organic virgin coconut oil to ensure maximum absorption