Puori Organic Whey Protein PW1

Why should I take a protein supplement?

A protein supplement is a convenient way to ensure that your body gets the right building blocks for muscles immediately after a workout. It is easily brought on the go and mixed with water whenever it suits you. Additionally, protein is the most satiating macro nutrient making a protein supplement a great snack to satisfy hunger during the day.

When and how should I take PW1?

Take PW1 just after your workout to make sure the right building blocks are available for your muscles to recover and get stronger. PW1 can also be used as a protein supplement during the day to make sure you reach your protein requirement or just as a convenient, filling snack. Mix PW1 with water – the minimal processing of the whey and only natural ingredients means that you need to give it a good shake.

What kind of flavouring do you use?

The main flavoring ingredients are organic cocoa, real vanilla seeds and Nordic hand-picked blackcurrant. To balance the taste, we use only natural flavoring to create a great tasting product with only natural ingredients.

How much leucine in each serving of PW1?

Leucine is important for the initiation of muscle protein synthesis. Whey protein is one of the best sources of this important amino acid and one serving of PW1 (20 g of protein) contains 1.8 g of leucine.

Why should I choose PW1?

PW1 is made from the best natural ingredients, is minimally processed, has a great taste and a clean label with only 4-5 ingredients. The whey comes from organic (EU)/grass-fed (US) cattle, the flavoring comes from organic cocoa, real vanilla seeds and Nordic hand-picked berries, the sweetness comes from organic coconut sugar and the taste is balanced only with natural flavoring.

What makes a protein complete?

A protein is complete when it contains all amino acids. Whey is a complete protein that holds all amino acids including a good level of the muscle-synthesis-starting amino acid leucine. 

How do I best store my PW1?

Store your PW1 in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.