Puori-3: Health Essentials (20% DISCOUNT NOW)

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Triple Action

Puori 3 Health Essentials is a great solution for anyone on a quest to optimize their overall health. You get five powerhouse nutrients: omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 in one convenient pack. Together they do everything from maintain your heart health and immune function to reduce fatigue.

  • 30 convenient sachets
  • Daily servings of O3, D3 and M3
  • Perfect for life on-the-go
  • 1 Month Supply3 X O3 | 3 X M3 | 1 X D3 | 30 Daily Servings

Quality Sourced

As with all of our products, we apply scientific rigor and high quality standards to deliver the most powerful, health-enhancing nutrients possible. Check out the individual pages for O3, M3 and D3 to find out where each is sourced.

The Puori Difference

We did our research and put together this mix of daily vitamins, omega-3s and minerals based on the most common deficiencies. Each Puori pack (formerly PP3) contains one dose so they’re perfect to bring with you in your purse, gym bag or suitcase.

 Puori-3 : O3




Puori 3 - D3



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