Puori C3

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Vitamin C for Energy, Immune Support and Focus.

Energy, Focus and Immunity Support.

In Puori C3 effervescent tablets we took an alternative way around to provide a natural energizer product from plant extracts only together with good natural sources of vitamin C. A three-in-one product to an all-natural lift of energy, focus and a normal functioning immune system.

This Is What Goes Into A Tablet

Each tablet is full of natural energy from the extracts of Gingko Biloba, Yerba Mate and Zinc. The vitamin C sources are also natural and comes from Rosehip, Goji berry and Acerola. We like a clean label and all the natural ingredients we can get.

Introducing The Slow Brew

Puori C3 is an effervescent tablet, but not in the traditional way. C3 tablets dissolve a bit slower since only natural ingredients, such as inulin and starch, are used to support the effervescent effect. There are no questionable fillers added to speed up the process or add to the ingredient list. That’s why we call it a slow brew.

It takes 6-10 minutes for a tablet to dissolve - remember, good health has no shortcuts.

A Refreshing Treat For Your Taste Buds

Puori C3 is natural flavored with ripe mango and juicy oranges with a pinch of stevia. No bad sugars such as aspartame or sucralose are used here.



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