Puori G3 (Unflavoured / Lemon Lime)

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Pure. Super. Food

Go Green

Puori G3 is made from the most nutrient rich leafy greens you can find. Being the science nerds we are, we analyzed data from more than 50 different types of vegetables. After we compared nutrient density scores we had our formula: powdered organic spinach, kale and parsley. This composition provides two servings of vegetables per serving of powder.

Quality Sourced

Puori G3 is packed with 100% organic (QAI organic certified) nutrient-dense spinach, kale and parsley. Since we don’t always have the time to eat enough of these super foods, G3 offers an efficient way for you to get the nutrients you need.

You need to eat more than 1.5 kg of cucumber to get the same amount of vitamin K as you get from 100g kale. When developing Greens G3 we went through an extensive process in choosing the best, most nutrient dense ingredients for you. We chose three simple ingredients – spinach, kale and parsley – so you know exactly what you get, not just an extensive ingredient list.

The Puori Difference

Puori G3 exists in two versions. Both Lemon & Lime and Unflavored can be mixed directly into water and smoothies. Additionally, the unflavored version is great to give your everyday cooking a nutritional boost.


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